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OWNER: Keith Ronkowski
Grand Forks, ND 58201
PERSONAL #: (701)740-9951
BUSINESS #: (701)740-9951

Drivers Education Curriculum

Course Overview

The basic Drivers Education program will consist of 6 hours of actual driving. Upon completion of the driving the student will not need any additional classroom experience.  These 6 hours will be scheduled, within reason, to meet the student's schedules. The driving begins and ends at the student's home, minimizing transportation problems. The program will be taught by an instructor with over 35 years of Drivers Education teaching experience.

A second option will allow students a refresher course. This would be a good option for students that will be taking their driving tests. The amount of hours would depend on the student.


The following skills and concepts will be taught during the program:

Preparing to drive
Basic vehicle control
Rules of the road
Lateral maneuvers
Evasive action
IPDE (Identify, predict, decide, execute)
Cooperation with other highway users
Special driving conditions
Vehicle performance
Interstate driving
Round Abouts
Hill parking
City traffic
Diagonal parking
Parallel parking


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